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BENEV Global Institute

About BENEV Global Institute

Benev is an American FDA registered manufacture specializing in products for the medical community. With distribution globally. BENEV has become an International brand after researching and developing products for ALL skin that is also
applicable to most technology.Education is important to our Company, making it a founding principle in our global approach. Benev identifies future technologies that can be partnered with BENEV products and reach out globally to our distributors for their input and ideas. Once a product has completed our rigorous testing, our Education department produces simple, comprehensive procedures that are easily enveloped into most practices. Our basic classes help keep medical practice and estheticians up-to -date with trends in these technologies, how to incorporate them into valuable service dollars. BENEV is not only an excellent choice for product but education as well. Please visit our website, and Facebook page for on-demand education and product knowledge.

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