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BENEV Online Ordering

Your physician’s patient product fulfillment (PPF) code is required for you to order through our online system. All BENEV products are offered exclusively at MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price). Please note that sales and promotions on BENEV products that your physician may occasionally offer are not available on the BENEV website.

Follow these simple steps to access the BENEV online ordering system:

  1. Contact your physician or physician-directed medical spa and ask for their BENEV PPF (patient product fulfillment) code. You will need this code to log into our system and make purchases.
  2. Click on “patient login” to sign in with your physician’s PPF code.

Physicians: Your patients can now order BENEV products, through the BENEV website only, when an office visit is inconvenient or impossible. Patients are required to login with your unique PPF (patient product fulfillment) code, and you will earn a commission (in credit applicable to any BENEV products or services) on each purchase. If you have not yet been assigned a BENEV PPF code, please call us at 1-888-43-BENEV to obtain one. You or your staff may also order online on your patients’ behalf using your PPF code. All BENEV retail products are offered exclusively at MSRP. Any specials or promotions that you choose to offer your patients on BENEV products are only available through your office. For more information, please see the BENEV Internet Sales Policy.

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