Get HD Ready In Time For Summer

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Between the humidity causing your hair to frizz and all of those summer rays on your skin, you still want to look your best. Top tips from hairstylists, dermatologists, and other skin care experts to Get HD Ready in Time For Summer.

The number-one cause of frizz? Dry hair. Celebrity hairstylist create flawless styles and there number one recommendation when needing to eliminate frizz is quenching the hair: After applying your favorite hair mask to towel-dried hair, pin it up in a bun. Then wrap hair in aluminum foil, cover with a shower cap, and heat with a diffuser-attached blow-dryer for five minutes; the warmth will create a greenhouse effect that’ll make the mask penetrate the hair shaft. Leave the mask, foil, and cap on for 30 minutes, then rinse and style as usual. BENEV Vitalizing Shampoo is great for cleansing the scalp and hair so that you can amp up the volume and achieve your summer styles. We recommend for Hair that is thinning GF Scalp Revive Serum to grow a fuller thicker mane and Hair Revive Mist to lock in extra moisture.

Acne effects us all, from runway models and famous actors and actresses to just the everyday person. The need to stay bump-free can be tough in the summer with all the sweat, grime, and muck that accumulates on your skin. But your best defense against keeping those bumps at bay might also be the simplest. According to dermatogist, must have memos to keep skin glowing is: 1. Keep your hair away from your face. Hair can grab onto pore-clogging summer gook. Making a ponytail or bun your best friend this season. 2. Keep skin clean and well exfoliated is going to make skin glisten and glow. A favorite of many bloggers and style icons is BENEV Salicylic Cleanser and BENEV Glycolic Face and Body Wash.3. Keep skin protected with a great sunscreen that targets both UVA and UVB and doesn’t contain ingredients that are harsh or are known to cause breakouts, everybody’s favorite is BENEV PTD Serum. Its lightweight formula is easy to apply and can be mixed with your favorite makeup or just put on skin with or without a moisturizer. 4. THE ITEM THAT EVERYONE NEEDS (BENEV Silicone Spray), forget makeup primers, this little bottle is what we call HD in a bottle. Not only does it protect skin from harmful environmental factors, it also smoothes skin and locks in moisture. Great to use before makeup as a primer and after makeup to lock it in place.

You can combat ingrown hairs with a scrub (try: BENEV Glycolic Face and Body), its great for a deep clean with exfoliating.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy cure for cellulite (oh, cruel world!), but one ingredient can help you minimize the appearance of your dimples and ripples: caffeine. Massaging on a cream that contains this ingredient every day will temporarily improve your skin texture and give you a little boost of confidence. Also, keeping yourself well hydrated and moisturized helps the appearance of skin affected with cellulite.

A good body exfoliation and moisturizing is a must for keeping your knees and elbows touchable. These days, finding a good one that works for your skin type is a breeze thanks to clear labeling (sensitive, oily, dry, etc.), our must have go with you everywhere wash is BENEV Exfoliating Gel. Slough off dead skin cells and reveal what has been hiding. Once exfoliated its pertinent to moisturize well, we love putting on a favorite body moisturizer followed by BENEV PTD for sun exposed areas and BENEV Silicone Spray to seal in moisture.

Because the skin on your feet is thicker, you need hard-core moisturizers to penetrate and combat roughness. One trick is to exfoliate your feet with a chemical peel, ask your aesthetician for a BENEV chemical peel for your feet. This peel will surely get those feet feeling baby soft. Follow up with BENEV Hyaluronic Moisturizer. Take a few minutes to massage it in to help it soak into your newly exfoliated soft tootsies, which basically gives you permission to give yourself a quick foot massage every day. Score!

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