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Mar 07, 2014 by Bridget - RNC, Pure Indulgence Skin Rejuvenation

At Pure Indulgence, the staff and clients just love everything about BENEV. The Growth Factor DNA Serum is perfect for post-laser treatment. We recommend the GF-DNA to all our clients as they are always looking for that perfect product, and we think we found it. It encourages new skin cell generation to replace the dull and aging skin and leaves you with a youthful, more smooth complexion.

Mar 07, 2014 by Stewart - MD, FACS, Wang Plastic Surgery

We are delighted to provide BENEV skin care products to our patients. BENEV has provided excellent customer service support and staff training to allow us to provide professional grade skin care to the patients. We have cultivated quite a loyal following for the BENEV products, not just from our patients but also our own staff. It's been a pleasure to work with BENEV Company, and we look forward to their new and improved skin care products.

Mar 07, 2014 by Taylor - Facial Aesthetic Concepts

quality product line that delivers great results. Not only do I use it as an esthetician, I recommend it to all of my clients as well.

Mar 07, 2014 by Mike - Aziz Salon and Skin Wellness, Texas

BENEV stays on the cutting edge of the industry by utilizing today's technology to reinvent their products! Their customer service and care in the packaging and arrival of product is the best.

Mar 07, 2014 by Holla'e, laser specialist - Office of Dr. Jeffrey M. Nelson, Tucson, AZ

BENEV products and back bar supplementation have become an intricate part of our skin care program at this practice. We specialize in multiple laser procedures, which are extremely compatible with the BENEV line pre- and post-care. The cultural chemical peels were the missing link in our professional services, and our patients have noted efficacious results. I especially have found the ability to layer peels by custom diagnosis to be both stable and highly receptive from day one for our patients.

I had the privilege of training at BENEV and visiting the entire facility, which was most impressive, and the training was of the highest professionalism. BENEV staff offers exceptional support to practices. I highly endorse both the products and the company.

Mar 07, 2014 by Dr. Christopher Dannaker, F.A.A.D. Monterey and Beverly Hills, CA Assistant Professor, UCSF School of Medicine

My patients are sophisticated and look to me for advice that is rooted in medical facts, not marketing or optimism. BENEV products, supported by clinical and basic science, have created an extensive line of cosmeceuticals that allow me to address the needs of my specific patient demographic. The BENEV SkinStamp, a variation of the well known process of skin needling, has provided patients with a non-laser, low-tech but nonetheless effective cosmetic skin treatment. Finally, I educate patients to realize all "cosmetic" creams are typically not manufactured as stringently as BENEV, i.e., in a USA based FDA registered facility regulated and inspected by the FDA.

Mar 07, 2014 by Karrie Francois, M.D. - AMOMI Pregnancy Wellness Spa

We have two businesses: a high-risk OB practice as well as a Wellness Center. We chose the BENEV line after extensive research because of the safety of the products for pregnant women and the outcomes they achieve. We have been extremely pleased with the line. BENEV staff educated our staff, both those who had used BENEV for awhile and were familiar with the line, as well as those who were not. Thank you for the excellence you have achieved in both product and personnel.

Mar 07, 2014 by Dr. David Sire, M.D. - Advance Skincare Surgery &MedCenter, Fullerton, CA

We see consistent improvement in patients’ skin after treatments with BENEV GF Rejuvenating Complex. It is a simple, inexpensive, and effective procedure. BENEV GF-DNA Serum is an excellent post-treatment home care product. The BENEV growth factors line has been designed with scientists from the University of California, Irvine and compounded at their own FDA-registered drug manufacturing facility under exact scientific principles and conditions.

benev.bluefractalmedia , USA 4.1 5.0 8 8 At Pure Indulgence, the staff and clients just love everything about BENEV. The Growth Factor DNA Serum is perfect for post-laser treatment. We recommend the GF-DNA to all our clie
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